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I am a freelancer in the field IoT, Web Accessibility and eHealth. I am currently working as an expert for Dextera Consulting mostly for WADcher EU project. I am an opensource committer at iot.streamsheets project. I am also an active Expert for H2020 European projects.

Between Oct 2017 and end of Oct 2019, I was one of the co-founder and Senior Software Engineer at Cedalo AG.

Between Dec 2011 and Sep 2017 I was part of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT / Web Compliance Center (Germany) as a Senior Researcher / developer and sometimes project coordinator / manager.

Between Oct 2002 - August 2017 I was a researcher and instructor at the Products and Systems Design Engineering Department, University of the Aegean, Greece from where I received my PhD in the field of Adaptive Web Information Systems.

During 2001-2002 I did my M.Sc degree in Telecommunication and Information Systems, Essex University.

During 1997-2000 I did my B.Eng. degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Manchester, UK, in 2000,

I have co-authored several papers published in international journals and conference proceedings and have participated to a wide range of international and national projects with research and development roles. I have also been teaching computer science courses mostly at the University of the Aegean both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have been involved into a number of R&D national and international project playing different roles (Project Manager, Technical coordinator, researcher, developer).

My passion was always and still is programming, I am a Senior full stack engineer.

My most important achievents: my 3 lovely kids ;)


Full Stack Software Engineer

const h2 = () => 'my software development';
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International Projects

Greek Projects

Academic Publications

  1. [C07] P. Ackermann, C. Velasco, E. Vlachogiannis: Developing a Semantic User Preferences and Device Modeling Framework that supports Adaptability of Web Applications for People with Special Needs. Accepted for HCII2014 (based on position paper on W3C Symposiom:
  2. [J05] Koutsabasis, P.Vlachogiannis, E., Darzentas, J.S.: Beyond Specifications: Towards a Practical Methodology for Evaluating Web AccessibilityJournal of Usability StudiesVol. 5, Issue 4, August 2010, pp.157-171 (2010) .
  3. [J04] Vlachogiannis, E., D. Gavalas, G. Tsekouras, and C. Anagnostopoulos, “Accessible interactive television using the MPEG-21 standard”.  Long Paper in the special issue on “Pervasive Technologies and Assistive Environments: Social Impact, Financial, Government And Privacy Issues” (Guest Editors: Ilias Maglogiannis, Filia Makedon, Lynne Baillie, Grammati Pantzious) in issue 10/2 of the international journal “Universal Access in the Information Society”, published by Springer. DOI: 10.1007/s10209-010-0195-7
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